Dear Voters of Richland County,

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Probate Judge since 1999. I am continually reminded of the impact my office has on the lives of people in our community, and daily we strive to serve you well. My office works on Will and Estate matters, commitment and treatment of the mentally ill and chemically dependent, care and management of the elderly, and a variety of other immensely personal issues to the citizens of our county.

I take the responsibility of providing these services very seriously, day in and day out, in a kind and fair manner. Managing these responsibilities is made more difficult by the shrinking budgets for government services. Often, we experience frustration with the delay of the government's response to our needs. My staff and I are dedicated to serving you in a way that is timely, professional, and comforting.

I intend to file for re-election in 2022. Thank you in advance for your help and your support that allows us to continue the job we are committed to - a Probate Court you deserve.


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