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Amy McCulloch and her campaign team believe in your privacy and the privacy policy of this web site reflects that commitment. collects information at various points on its website. The main points at which information is collected occur when you volunteer to help, make a contribution, or sign up for email updates about the campaign. We ask for your name, address, telephone number, email address, as well as whom, if anyone, referred you to the site.  When you complete one of these forms, you will be asked for your name, and you may be asked for your email address as well as certain demographic information. Some of this information may be optional, but we encourage you to provide it since it will allow us to better customize your experience.

The information you provide when you complete one of our forms is the exclusive property of the campaign. We use the information you provide to send news about Amy McCulloch and her campaign and to credit those who are organizing support for our efforts to win the election. We will not sell this information to any third party. 

When you contribute money online:
Following are the Legal Requirements of the South Carolina Ethics, Government Accountability and Campaign Reform Act of 1991.

  1. Contributions to statewide candidates are limited to $3,500 per election cycle. This limitation applies to each primary, runoff, or general election.
  2. Contributions may be received from individuals, partnerships, businesses, corporations, or political action committees (PACS).
  3. In-kind contributions may be received but are also limited to $3,500 per election cycle.
  4. Contributions by each spouse are considered separate contributions and not attributable to the other spouse.
  5. Cash contributions are prohibited if they exceed $25 for each election. All cash contributions must be accompanied by the name and address of the contributor.
  6. Anonymous contributions are prohibited.
  7. Contributions may not be accepted from a registered lobbyist.

South Carolina law requires that we collect and report the following information on each contributor: name, address, amount of contribution, date of contribution. For more information on South Carolina ethics laws, visit To make a contribution online, we also ask for your credit card number and its expiration date.  This information is stored securely with PayPal, and is not retained in our records or on any local servers.

When you subscribe to our eNewsletter or other update notification:
We do not send unwanted information to anyone intentionally. Each communication via email contains an unsubscribe feature in a consistent and obvious position.  All visitors to have the option of subscribing to our free eNewsletter. Unsubscribe requests are honored immediately and no further communication will go to the unsubscribed address unless the owner of that addresses chooses in the future to again receive communications.  To unsubscribe via email, send a message to 

Links to other web sites:
This privacy policy covers Amy McCulloch's campaign website, The site links to a number of other websites. Should you choose to visit those web sites, please remember that the Committee to Re-Elect Amy McCulloch is not responsible for their content or privacy policies. We encourage you to read the privacy policies and review the practices of all websites you visit.

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