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Committee to Re-Elect Amy McCulloch

Dr. Lonnie Randolph, Jr.
Representative James Smith
Sheriff Leon Lott
Tameika Isaac Devine
Nancy Moody, Treasurer
Nekki Shutt

Supporter Quotes

"She is an asset to the judiciary." --Suzanne Benson
"I support Amy McCulloch." --Mark Calhoun
"I support the Judge's re-election." --Pope D. Johnson, III
"I certainly support Judge McCulloch." --John Jolley
"Good Luck to Judge Amy." --Russell Plowden
"My sincere wishes for her continued success." --Kimberly A. Raber
"I enthusiastically support Judge McCulloch!" --Karen Thomas
"Amy can always count on my support." – Tameika Isaac Devine
"Judge McCulloch is well seasoned as Probate Judge. She gives her best every day in a balance of heart and brain to the law for all who need any of varied services of the office." - Dr R W "Pete" Denton


Kay Allen
Christi and Coney Arnette
George Bailey
Meghan McKoy Barnes
Luther J. Battiste, III
Representative Beth Bernstein
Moss Blachman
Michael Brezicky
Andrew Brown
Shannon K. Burnett
Dianne Bunnell
Malissa Burnette
Heather Cairns
Rita Bragg Caughman
Mathias Chaplin
Robert Clawson
Mark Cox
Mitzi and Josh Daniels
Kayin Darby
Mary Nell and Paul Degenhart
Steven D. Dennis
Pete and Donna Denton
Tameika Isaac Devine
Carol Doonan
Mike Duncan
Bess DuRant
Hammond and Sheri Edwards
Stevens B. Elliott
Earl and Becky Ellis
Ernie and Sandy Ellis
Bennett Evers
Gray Farnsworth
Bud and Julia Ferillo
Mena and David Gardner
Ralph Garris
Dennis Gerald
Harry Goldberg
Bill Graham
Hal Hanlin
Tena and Mark Hardee
Elizabeth and Mark Harmon
Pam Harpootlian
Robert D. Hazel
Trasha Hickman
Constance Holloway
Lisa Hostetler
Thomas Harrington
Alex Imgrund
Jennifer “Jenny” Isgett
George Johnson
I.S. Leevy Johnson
Thomas D. Kilpatrick
Fred Kingsmore
Angela Kirby

Mike Kelly
John and Mary Kessler
Athena Leventis
Joe Leventis
Tommy Lydon
Jennifer MacLeod
Carolyn Masek
Leyla and Pat Mason
The Honorable Jeanette McBride
Kathleen McDaniel
Melisa McClurkin
Jacinda McDuffie
Mildred McDuffie
Bobbie Moore
John and Jill Moylan
Michael Mueller
Pam Mullis
Sid Nash
Ashleigh and Jesse Near
Billy Newsome
Greg Parker
Pat Patterson
Stephen Porter
Alex Postic
Natalie J. Quinn
Paul Reeves
Alan Reyner
Matthew T. Richardson
Carlton Robinson
Representative Todd Rutherford
William Saltzman
Rip Sanders
Scott Schmidt
Bernice Scott
Senator John Scott
Howard Sheftman
David W. Siddons
Ralph J. Smiley
James and Kirkland Smith
David C. Sojourner, Jr.
Jonathan Spitz
H. Ronald Stanley
F. Xavier Starkes
Israel Stone
J.P. Strom, Jr.
John Stucker
Diane Sumpter
Steve and Betsy Taylor
Lynne and Tommy Trowbridge
Rick Wallace
L. Patricia Wharton
Joel A. "Buddy" Wier, III
Bianca Williams



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